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Julian Omidi Discusses Tuberculosis and Poverty

Omidi Brothers Michael and Julian Omidi work through their not-for-profit agency No More Poverty to combat poverty related issues. A common illness among the impoverished, Julian Omidi discusses tuberculosis and how the “sunshine vitamin” may aid in patient recovery from TB.

The impoverished are not only more susceptible to the spread of tuberculosis but also to fatality as a result of contracting of the bacterial infection. Most active cases of tuberculosis occur in developing countries. When left untreated TB can kill as many as half of its victims resulting in an annual death rate from the disease of over 2 million people.

In 2010 tuberculosis was contracted by almost 9 million individuals and resulted in almost 1 1/2 million deaths, with 95% of these cases reported in “low and middle-income countries.” This is partly due to the lack of access and affordability of antibiotics that treat the illness. Now there is evidence that suggests when coupled with antibiotics, vitamin D can help to treat tuberculosis quicker and decrease the period during which the infection may spread to others.

An article published by CBS News cited a study that was performed by researchers at Queen Mary at the University of London. Heliotherapy (essentially prescribed sunbathing) used to be used to treat tuberculosis before the advent and implementation of antibiotic treatment and it somewhat worked, which led the researchers to explore this treatment when coupled with antibiotics.

Hopefully the use of Vitamin D will help those in impoverished countries reduce the amount of time that they are infectious and help to reduce the amount of inflammation and damage caused by that inflammation to the lungs. An added benefit may be that patients won’t have to be on antibiotics for as long, thus reducing costs, but this remains to be seen.

Tuberculosis is just one of many health and well-being issues faced by those suffering from poverty. The impoverished need your help to receive not only treatments and antibiotics but simple necessities like clean drinking water, shelter, and food. Please join my brother Michael Omidi and I in the fight against poverty by visiting No More Poverty today.


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