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Julian Omidi on the Condition of Children in Sierra Leone

Julian Omidi discusses the plight of children in Sierra Leone. Julian Omidi illuminates the state of these children’s lives and what one nonprofit is doing to help these children.

While exploitation of children occurs in many developing countries, one of the most noticeable places where child exploitation occurs is in the country of Sierra Leone. According to Afrol news, approximately three-quarters of children in Sierra Leone are involved with work with the majority of young boys in the country working in mines and many young girls caught up in the sex trade.

Statistics put the proportion of children ages 5 to 14 participating in work (including working for family business and on family farms) at 71.6%. As a result of so many of the nation’s children being employed in one way or another attendance at schools is limited, resulting in decreased levels of education across the nation. While attendance in primary school education is legally required by Sierra Leone for 6 years, with an additional 3 years of secondary school required, attendance rates for primary school average at about 63% between boys and girls, and secondary school attendance is 31% for males and 35% for females.

This is why the work of the Raining Season is so important. The Raining Season was formed after the struggles endured by Erica Stone to adopt a suffering child from Sierra Leone. Stone spent 3 years attempting to find and adopt a young child she had seen on a website dedicated to finding homes for orphaned children. In 2008 Stone along with her husband formed the Raining Season to help “protect the family unit, in order to help control the number of children abandoned.”

For this reason my brother Michael Omidi and I are proud to provide our support to the Raining Season organization. In a country with more than 70% of its citizens living below the poverty line, the Raining Season is fighting an uphill battle, but one that we know with our support, and yours as well, it is a battle that we can win.

Please join the Omidi Brothers in our support of this amazing organization and assist children in Sierra Leone achieve an education, a safe place to sleep, food in their mouths, and the opportunity for a better life today.


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