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Julian Omidi Calls to Help Drop in the Bucket and the Alpha Primary School

Julian Omidi is the cofounder of No More Poverty along with his brother, Dr. Michael Omidi. The Omidi Brothers have created a non-profit organization supporting efforts to help those stricken by poverty. The Omidi brothers’ organization supports a variety of charities like Children’s Hunger Fund and Drop in the Bucket.

Hey guys,

Julian here. Today I’d like to bring your attention to a great initiative from one of the charities Dr. Michael Omidi and I support, Drop in the Bucket. Drop in the Bucket is a charity which seeks to ensure accessibility to water for poorer areas of Africa by drilling wells for drinking water and creating means for sanitation for hundreds of villages in East Africa.

I bet you were unaware that according to a World Health Organization study, approximately 327 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa struggle to find access to safe and sanitary water! Furthermore, the United Nations has estimated that as much as 80% of illnesses in developing countries are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions. The statistics are just astounding. Drop in the Bucket is working to help provide these basic human needs to the developing villages of East Africa.

This summer, they put out a new call for help. The Alpha Primary and Boarding School of Lira, Uganda is under the threat of being closed.

In 2001, the residents of Lira, Uganda, concentrated their efforts into building a nursery for the local youth. It was called the Alpha Nursery. While it started as a nursery, it quickly expanded into a primary and boarding school, providing local children with an education about the world and important life skills. Today, it has over 500 students and has a solid reputation within the community for its high-quality education.

Unfortunately, the school is in desperate need of help, otherwise it will be closed down. The school is threatened by a dangerous lack of clean water and sanitation. Its bathrooms are overflowing and consequently, children are forced to go to the bathroom outdoors. The inability to properly dispose of the fecal matter creates a dangerous health hazard, as it creates a breeding ground for disease that can infect the children and the members of the village.

Drop in the Bucket is asking for your help to help the school stay open by providing it and the community with clean water and proper, sanitary bathroom facilities. Please consider donating to the charity so they may ensure that the children of the Alpha School continue to have the opportunity at a proper education.

Thank you guys for your generosity and I know that the children of the Alpha Primary and Boarding School thank you for helping provide them with a better future.

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