Mentoring the Future of America

In today’s blog, Julian Omidi discusses the importance of mentoring children, as well as the benefits it provides.

Giving back is always a rewarding experience. This is especially the case with mentoring the youth of America. You can provide mentorship in multiple capacities.

Providing Guidance

When you mentor, you utilize both professional and personal experiences that help instill lessons to the person you mentor. It can help them realize that anyone who grows up and becomes successful can experience challenges. You can provide stories of resilience that they will be able to take and apply to their future.

Additionally, you can help them with professional skills that they can apply. You will feel confident providing wisdom, which will in turn will feel rewarding. You can positively change the course of a child’s life.

Forming Bonds

When mentoring someone, you form bonds. You become a role model to someone much younger than you. Simultaneously, you can learn from them. They can show you lessons from their own resilience, especially if you are mentoring a student from a lower socioeconomic environment. Their optimism and perseverance can show you what humans are truly capable of when they have a burning desire to change their circumstances.

Learn How You Can Mentor

There are many different organizations you can partner with that can link you to a child or teen you can mentor. Some of these focus on more professional and business minded students, while others focus more on recreational mentoring. By researching an organization, you can find one that fits your background and personality.
Through mentoring, you have the chance to transform your life as well as someone else. It can give your life a deeper purpose, knowing you are helping guide and shape a young person’s life. Try mentoring in your area.

Be good to each other,

Julian Omidi

Julian Omidi is a philanthropist that works to better the world for children and animals.


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