In the Spotlight: The Heroes Project


Julian Omidi spotlights The Heroes Project, an organization that takes United States Armed Forces veterans – many of whom have suffered life-altering injuries – on mountain climbing expeditions in order to help them recover their sense of purpose and determination.

The world needs heroes – we also need to endeavor to deserve them.  The United States Armed Forces men and women perform heroic duties every day.  They put their lives on the line in inhospitable countries for our protection and freedom, and we must pay them back by doing everything we can to make their transition back to civilian life welcoming, harmonious and prosperous.

The Heroes Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving veterans the support they have earned throughout their difficult service.  It is a wonderful organization, and it was born out of a deep respect and admiration for every man and woman who has given him/herself over to dedicated, selfless service.

The Heroes Project was started by Tim Medvetz, a former Hell’s Angel who spent many years engaging in high-adrenaline sports and activities.  After he crashed his motorcycle in 2000 and spent years in physical therapy and recovery, he decided to challenge his physical and emotional limits by climbing Mt. Everest.  After 4 years of training and one aborted attempt, he reached his goal in May of 2007.  His experience recovering from his almost crippling injuries coupled with the purpose and thrill of achieving his goal led him to want to share it with the members of the community that he strongly felt deserved to have the feeling of vitality and determination restored to them: Injured U.S. veterans.

The Heroes Project has so far sponsored mountain climbing expeditions for several veterans – two in 2009 that were filmed in order to show other veterans what they are capable of.  The expeditions were up Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Mt. Elbrus in Russia.

In addition to sponsoring, training and guiding veterans on climbing expeditions, The Heroes Project also acts as a lobbying and advocacy organization for veteran’s rights and services, including educational opportunities, empowerment programs and programs for military families.

Civic Duty is honored to sponsor the Heroes Project and its upcoming Everest Climb event.  The Everest Climb will take place in March of 2014.

We are truly blessed to have a group of people who are willing to sacrifice themselves for our safety and security.  We at Civic Duty cannot offer these men and women enough praise, and we hope that our support of The Heroes Project will help it to continue to offer these spectacular, life-changing opportunities for many years into the future.


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  1. “We stand on the backs of their sacrifice. Their history is our tradition, as long as there are Americans to remember…”

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