Home Depot Staff Throw Surprise Party for Ailing Employee

Julian Omidi recognizes the employees of a Modesto, California Home Depot for going above and beyond for a young member of their community by throwing him a much longed-for birthday party at their store branch.

While we applaud all those who volunteer for philanthropic organizations or donate to great charities, we don’t necessarily have to participate in an organized act of charity with a registered nonprofit to make a significant difference in someone’s life.

We at Civic Duty are always impressed when we hear about regular people working to improve a veritable stranger’s life, and we would like to salute a group of Home Depot employees who gave a five-year-old child his birthday wish.

The Modesto, California native, Joshua Hagerty, has several medical issues relating to his heart and kidneys, and has had, to date, 15 surgeries.  When his mother asked him what kind of party he wanted for his birthday, the tyke responded that he want a builder’s themed party, with construction sets and other paraphernalia.

After contacting Home Depot (Joshua’s favorite place) to see about getting the necessary equipment, the employees and store manager decided to simply throw the party at the Modesto Home Depot outlet.

The staff decorated the store with all of the birthday trappings and a few extra workshop-themed touches; balloons, crepe paper, construction kits, workshop sets, Legos, goody-bags for the young guests and a birthday cake shaped like a hammer.

Joshua was thrilled with the event, saying that it was “the best birthday, ever.”  [1]

One of the most remarkable things about the spontaneous act of generosity was that it wasn’t sponsored by the Home Depot corporate office; the employees paid for the birthday celebration out of their own pockets.

Joshua’s mother, Jennifer Hagerty, has asked for help in thanking the Modesto Home Depot employees and store manager Kevin Baum for their unexpected act of generosity.

Civic Duty would like to applaud the Home Depot crew for their kindness, and we hope that other people who hear about their thoughtfulness will be inspired to initiate their own acts of compassion.  We are only as strong as the spirit of our society, and if everyone chipped in to help other people, regardless of whether or not the recipients are known by their benefactors, then our communities would certainly begin to cohere both culturally and spiritually.

Bravo to the Home Depot crew, and we hope that this is only one of many, many happy birthdays for young Joshua Hagerty!


[1] Fitzharris, Mia: The Home Depot Throws Awesome Birthday Party for Deserving 5-Year-Old Boy Yahoo! News 9/20/2013 http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/trending-now/the-home-depot-throws-awesome-birthday-party-for-deserving-5-year-old-boy-184812264.html


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