November Will See Active Learning Conference

Dr. Michael Omidi and myself have dedicated our support for the November 5th and 6th Penrickton Center Active Learning Conference held in The Holiday Inn in Southgate, MI.

The theme of this meeting is to raise awareness through presentations and discussions about the latest and most effective methods to educate the blind and developmentally-delayed children.

This early November two-day Conference is to assist teachers and parents to better comprehend the multiple different options for kids to develop. The conference is also to fine-tune and find the newest techniques for caregivers to be more experienced in information.

Danish psychologist Dr. Lilli Nielsen created the viewpoint of Active Learning 40 years ago. Nielsen is author to many books revolving around the philosophy of Active Learning tutorials like Little Room, Support Bench and Hopsa-Dress.  During the conference, the methods will be discussed and tools such as developing critical motor skills, social comfort, spatial relations and basic life skills will be implemented for educational purposes.

The non-profit organization, Penrickton Center for Blind is an agency that provides five-day residential, day care and consultation/evaluation services for children aged 1-12 coping with disability and blindness.

The center not only caters to the blind, but also children suffering with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, developmental delay, brain damage and deafness. The center uses occupational therapy to support child and family development.

Blind children tend to become passive, waiting for adults to administer learning strategies. The Active Learning philosophy is to focus on creating a diverse learning space that encourages children to become ‘active learners,’ according to the press release. The idea goes for people coping with mental disorders as well.

The Penrickton Center adopted the Nielsen philosophy and has used this method for more than 20 years.


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