Julian Omidi Reviews LA Sports Arena’s Free Healthcare Clinic

As a resident of Los Angeles, Julian Omidi wants to review the recent free healthcare clinic held at the LA Sports Arena. Julian Omidi recognizes the importance of helping those without health care, especially the impoverished, which is why he formed No More Poverty with his brother Dr. Michael Omidi, MD.

Yesterday (September 27th) saw the beginning of the fourth annual free health care clinic help at LA Sports Arena. Just shy of 5,000 people are exected to attend the clinic over the weekend, which will see county health workers, doctors, dentists, optometrists, and more providing free care for those in need of health care.

Many of those that assembled at the sports arena had not seen a health care professional in years due to lack of adequate healthcare or any form of healthcare at all. The most heavily trafficked areas included dentists and optometrists, areas that are often not provided for by health insurance or have such a high premium that potential patients can’t afford these benefits.

The massive free health clinic will offer more than just care services as it will also education for patients, preventive services including counseling on nutrition and quitting smoking, connecting these people with follow-up care at various local health centers, and county health workers that will assist people in enrolling in the Healthy Way LA free coverage program to assist many of these people until the national health insurance law takes effect in 2014.

Most of the individuals seeking this assistance are not impoverished and in fact are employed but still cannot afford healthcare, unfortunately; but this is an event that is universal in its approach, as it can aid anyone, impoverished or not. If you are in need of health care and live in the Los Angeles area, please take advantage of this opportunity for the sake of you and your health.


Julian Omidi


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